Jamon & Salud... Gateway to the country!

A company of Iberico ham and meats, 100% from Extremadura.

Jamon & Salud is born with the main objective of offering a wide range of the highest-quality products, ensuring that every step of the process is carried out in a professional way.

We are producers, stockbreeders and manufacturers. Our company is entirely dedicated to developing the quality of our products.

We have control over the entire process of the product, which allows us to be able to control excellence, and demand the highest quality in every and each phase of the product’s development.





We offer to our final client the highest quality in meats, ham and front shoulder ‘paletas.’ We search excellence.

We believe in our work and we invite everybody to collaborate with our activity, developing a work net in order to share a lasting common value. Therefore, we invite everybody to become part of our team, both opening new franchises or being part of our society. You will become Jamon & Salud: stockbreeder, producer and manufacturer.

Our raison d’être is to exceed ourselves every day, guaranteeing the best products from Extremadura, the cradle of Iberico products.


We want to be the benchmark for meat products.

Health, sustainability and highest quality are our premises. We want to be close to our clients, offer them what they long for. We want to create excellent products that reach everybody, with a stable and trustworthy brand.


Tradition, craftsmanship, identity, origin, guarantee.

Our principles are based on our clients’ principles. The pleasure of quality, and eating well and healthy.

We believe in it, and we create a value with a social, environmental and economic basis.

We work in an intelligent and efficient way, always trying to improve.