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Elaborated cheese made from raw sheep's milk (merina breed) in Zamora, Spain. Non pasteurised With a maturing time of 6 months, it becomes a semi-hard cheese combining a crumbly texture with a mild, superb and rich flavour.

£ 14.74

Weight: 650 grames approx. Elaborated cheese with goat’s milk covered in paprika. Pasteurised. With a maturing time of 45 days, it comes with a soft texture in the mouth and a medium intensity flavour with hints of paprika. 

£ 14.45

Weight: 600 grames approx. Its intense and genuine flavor is the result of pure, unpasteurized goat's milk. With a maturing time of over 60 days, it gives an elegant and persistent taste

£ 14.95

Weight: 750 grames approx. Cheese made from raw sheep's milk (merina breed), in Zamora, Spain. Unpasteurised. With a maturing time in olive oil of 15 months, it becomes a hard cheese with a strong, elegant and aromatic long-lasting flavour.

£ 19.75
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items